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When you are vulnerable

Take control of the black box

Four things you must know

What do you have?

Protect your digital assets

Where are your digital assets?

How to access your digital assets

Be slow to delete - problems with accessing accounts

Trust one other person - take control over what happens

Who has access?

The secret power of information and being in control

    “Why You’re “Vulnerable” In Some Areas… But NOT in Others”

When one of the many hands touching your internet business lets go a little it’s not a fun feeling. But an even worse feeling is not knowing WHY and what’s going on.

Last summer it dawned on me I hadn’t heard from a friend in a while. That in itself isn’t unusual as we had only recently reconnected after 20 years. I checked Twitter and other social sites for posting activity and there wasn’t any. That was odd because she owns an online business and uses social media sites to promote it.

So of course I picked up the phone and called her. Yes, she was fine, but had been busy with other things. I asked her to drop me an email every once in a while so I would know she was ok. Then I began getting emails from a domain company announcing they were taking over registration and payment processing for one of her domain registration sites.

I began feeling uneasy again. I shot her an email and asked what was going on, asked of what I could do to help.

Not to worry; she’d forgotten to pay an annual fee and her accounts shifted to another company. Worked out well once she gave them a credit card number and they reinstated her account.

I’ll admit it. That uneasy feeling was gnawing at ME. This time from a new perspective: What if something happened to her? Would anybody know how to reach me? How would I know?”

I began thinking about the websites I had sitting on her servers. You know the train of thought, something happens to her… the people in her life aren’t involved with the internet and don’t know anything about her online businesses… and her annual reseller hosting account bill doesn’t get paid because they don’t know it needs to be paid…

Let’s be realistic here, my thoughts were, “What happens to my websites sitting on her servers?”

How To Control the “Black Box” of Your Online Businesses…

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If someone has to step into your shoes they’ll need this information:
  • You - the owner
    (Software also accommodates many owners)

  • Business information
    Include physical locations and required Tax Id numbers

  • Contacts
    Contact information for companies and individuals connected to your business.

  • Bank Accounts
    Banks you do business with, types of accounts with each bank, account information, how to access, and who has access to your bank accounts.

  • Email Accounts
    Email service providers and email accounts including user names and passwords. Emails connected to all your digital assets. Advise to be slow to delete email accounts.

  • Software Owned
    Software used to run your online business. Including versions, serial numbers, price, vendor and vendor contact information.

  • Computers and Other Devices
    Often overlooked are the passwords required to access your laptops and desktop computers. List the equipment you own, serial numbers and the access password required for entry and use.

  • Domain Names
    All domain names you own, registration costs and renewal / expiration dates. Have all domain names owned within one roster, regardless or registrar.

  • Domain Registrars
    Where a domain name is registered, the account information, user names and passwords, and how to access your account and who has access to this information. Ongoing costs associated with domain name, credit card used, email account associated with account.

  • Hosting
    Where your websites and blogs live. List direct hosting accounts and reseller hosting packages. Credit card used for payments and the email account associated with the hosting service. Access URL, user names, passwords and who has access.

  • FTP / HTTP
    How you access the back end of your websites and blogs to upload new content or change existing content. Includes server name, path, user names passwords and who has access to this information and authorized to do this work if not you.

  • Sub Domains and Blogs
    Each requires unique user names, passwords and access information.

  • Other Sites / Web 2.0
    For all the free service sites where you have content. Include all social media sites and other sites which require an email account associated with this service, user name and passwords in addition to how to access these sites, who is authorized to access these sites and also a note section for the purpose of each site. If you use an online password site, this is where to list it. If you use Facebook or Twitter, or any other service which allows multiple accounts within their program, this is where you list them.

  • Products
    The products you own and sell online. Include the type of product, cost and selling information, location of original work, date first appeared and product descriptions and notes.

  • Affiliate Program Income
    List the companies where you earn affiliate income. Including the account name, email account associated with their program, user name, passwords, estimated annual income, payment method and the bank account information which receives automatic deposits and who has access.

  • Joint Venture Partners
    Your Joint Venture Partners and contacts within each company.

  • Joint Venture Sales
    Joint Venture Partners who sell your products, how theyt’re paid for sales, and any service companies used for sales tracking and payment management services.

  • Service Companies Used
    Service companies used within your online business. Account information, access URLs, user names, passwords, emails associated with these services and the fees you pay to use these services.

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