“If your web person quit today, or something happened to you, would your income-producing websites disappear too?”

Could it really be quick and easy to safeguard user names, passwords, email accounts and other important information -- and also have answers you need at your fingertips, using new Website Succession Software?

The answer is “YES”… And if YOU want income your family depends
on to continue should something happen to you -- and eliminate being at the mercy of a web person -- and you want to know with the click
of a button every piece of information about your internet business… then this can be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

  • Have you ever wondered what would happen to your websites--- and the income they generate for your family and that you depend on every month--- if something “happened” to you? And how you don’t really know how to protect them?

  • Do you feel you’re at the mercy of your web person--- realizing that if they walked out today or got run over by the “proverbial bus,” your business would be at risk, because that person “has all the information” needed… and they know how all the pieces fit together--- and nobody else does?

  • Have you ever wanted a simple report that could show you--- and your board members, partners, spouses, attorney, and your accountant--- at the click of a button, a summary of income and expenses,--- generated “by your internet properties” whenever you wanted this information, and not needing to depend on anyone else to get you this information?

  • Have you been looking for a simple, fill-in-the-blanks software system-- designed just for websites and online businesses-- for you or your “staff” to organize all the user names, passwords, email accounts, account numbers, in essence everything-- that doesn’t require any special training that can be used right out of the box?

  • Do you keep telling yourself that you really should know all the pertinent information required to keep your internet business alive and producing income and sales leads, even though you aren’t the one maintaining your internet properties?

  • Are you beginning to feel vulnerable because you don’t feel you’re in control of the “black box” for your online business… and your “people” keep asking, “Why do you need to know that?”

  • Has an uneasy feeling been creeping up on you and gnawing at you because you know more and more of your sales and leads are tied to your “internet presence,” and if your websites go down… you’re “screwed?”

  • Do you feel a little stuck because you want to change your web person or even downsize staff, but can’t because they know how your websites “work”; and if you replace them, you know your internet businesses may well “suffer?”

  • You know it could never happen -- but do you sometimes wonder if your web person ever got really ticked off at you, would they “sabotage” your internet properties, digital assets and intellectual property because they know how to, and you couldn’t do anything to stop them?

  • Are you nervous about storing user names and passwords on the web in one place for your internet businesses… knowing that such information could be hacked?

  • Do you have a desk drawer full of notebooks and sticky notes and tiny slips of paper with user names and passwords written all over them that you know you should “get organized” in some way… but the thought of doing it is overwhelming?

  • Have you been trying to figure a safe and secure method to use whenever you create a new user name and password that is easy to update the information about your “internet properties”?

  • Would your family have greater peace of mind knowing your will, estate plan, trust or Website LLC has the correct language required, and specific access instructions, and the secure location of all the access points required to keep your websites, digital assets and intellectual property-- in essence, your “internet properties” alive so they can continue living the lifestyle you created for them?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then here’s some important news for you… you are NOT alone.

The above list of questions was created from talking to literally hundreds of clients and business owners about the problems they were facing with their internet properties and websites. Some are overwhelmed with how complex their businesses have become in relation to the internet - and their dependency on the internet, and the people who make it happen for them.

Businesses so often start with a “simple” company website-- and then quickly and UNEXPECTEDLY it actually produces sales and leads. They build more websites, and then it gets really complicated…

Most business owners have had the experience of feeling that they’ve finally found the perfect “answer” to generating sales and an online income, and begin planning and building even more websites. Only to soon begin feeling like they’re no longer in control of the KEY ASPECTS to their core business…

And when this happens, there often seems to be no easy way to bring it all under control. These types of situations make it easy to feel at the mercy of your web person and IT staff… and can definitely lead you to believe though that without them RUNNING YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS, you are just up a tree!

Do you REALLY think you need to continue being at their mercy?

Why You’re “Vulnerable” In Some Areas… But NOT in Others

When one of the many hands touching your internet business lets go a little it’s not a fun feeling. But an even worse feeling is not knowing WHY and what’s going on.

Last summer it dawned on me I hadn’t heard from a friend in a while. That in itself isn’t unusual as we had only recently reconnected after 20 years. I checked Twitter and other social sites for posting activity and there wasn’t any. That was odd because she owns an online business and uses social media sites to promote it.

So of course I picked up the phone and called her. Yes, she was fine, but had been busy with other things. I asked her to drop me an email every once in a while so I would know she was ok. Then I began getting emails from a domain company announcing they were taking over registration and payment processing for one of her domain registration sites.

I began feeling uneasy again. I shot her an email and asked what was going on, asked of what I could do to help.

Not to worry; she’d forgotten to pay an annual fee and her accounts shifted to another company. Worked out well once she gave them a credit card number and they reinstated her account.

I’ll admit it. That uneasy feeling was gnawing at ME. This time from a new perspective: What if something happened to her? Would anybody know how to reach me? How would I know?”

I began thinking about the websites I had sitting on her servers. You know the train of thought, something happens to her… the people in her life aren’t involved with the internet and don’t know anything about her online businesses… and her annual reseller hosting account bill doesn’t get paid because they don’t know it needs to be paid…

Let’s be realistic here, my thoughts were, “What happens to my websites sitting on her servers?”

A Pattern Was Beginning
to Develop That Brought
My Client “to Her Knees”…

Although what I’m about to tell you may upset you, it actually turned out to be GOOD NEWS… here’s what happened:

A new client accepted a position as Executive Director of one of the largest public service organizations in the area. And, included in her responsibilities was managing a new website set up by an outside vendor, an email marketing program and a desktop computer system.

For ease of use, the outside vendor and a predecessor had set up everything, including the computer system, so that when you entered a user name the password blank filled in automatically. I came on board shortly after the outside vendor went out of business and more or less left my new client high and dry.

Here’s something else you should know: There were no trails… No paper trails. No electronic trails; No instructions, no user name, no password rosters.

This DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN didn’t show up until the day a helpful volunteer loaded some software on the computer he thought might be useful. It virtually brought her to her knees with multiple “ACCESS DENIED” messages when she booted up the system the next morning…

It was a nightmare trying to communicate with the out-of-business vendor.

A short-lived nightmare, a huge hassle and waste of time. This nightmare could have been avoided. It was totally unnecessary and easily preventable.

And to add insult to injury, the outside vendor actually sent the association an invoice insisting on payment for providing the user names and passwords.

So was there anything she could have done about it? The answer’s YES.

And the good news is that it’s actually quite simple to take control of your “key access points” that control your internet properties. It all comes down to using a few simple methods to keep your information safe and secure…

How To Control the “Black Box”…
Remove Layers and Levels of Risk… and Keep Your Online Business Assets Safe in Case “Something Happens”

Having an attorney for a client is a good thing. You give advice about what you do, and you get advice about what you do!

I was discussing my estate plan with Dan Penning, my attorney, and he said one sentence that struck me like a thunderbolt. It’s ironic because I should have seen it myself

Naturally, because Dan is also my client, it’s easy for conversations to go back and forth covering many topics. There’s an advantage in understanding the services offered within the practice areas of his law firm. Dan’s an expert at planning, protecting and preserving valuable assets… including digital assets. He’s also an expert at succession planning.

This’s where I should have put the pieces together…

I helped create and build his online cottage succession presence. I understand what succession means, and the power it gives a family and property owner… and I now understood how this can affect internet property owners too.

It was obvious, and I should have seen it coming when Dan said, “When I do estate planning for clients with websites and other digital assets we look at it from a couple of different perspectives based on what their goals are…… whether it’s to sell or to pass it on to children, grandchildren and future generations.”

Hearing that sentence clarified the next step. If I was having challenges figuring out what to do with my internet properties and digital assets-- and I’m in the industry-- what must others be going through?

I’ll spare you the details about the rest of our meeting however, it turned into a powerful brainstorming session and when we parted company that day I had a blueprint in hand for a Website Succession Planning System…

How Stepping Back a Few Steps
Keeps Us Running Faster Than the Train Bearing Down On Us…

After years of research, talking and working with hundreds of online business owners about what is important to them… I’ve found there are four things an online business owner MUST be in control of, and understand in order to keep their online business and internet properties from fraying around the edges…

And the one thing they all have in common is the realization, whether they’re entrepreneurs or corporate business owners, that this “new thing”… “this new way of doing business that didn’t exist 15 year years ago” is their new reality and they’re discovering that with great success comes great risk… and now they’re asking, “How do I protect my websites, digital assets intellectual property for my family?”

Simply put, there are 3 types of online business owners, and there are 2 perspectives for viewing value. And a business owner who understands these will NEVER have problems with being “out of control” or in danger of losing properties. Their main problem is usually trying to keep up with the technology, the trends and doing what every person walking in off the street “suggests” they should do, and wanting to do too much, too fast!

On the other hand, failure to understand these things will hurt your chances of protecting, preserving, and staying in control of your internet properties over the long-term… no matter how many sites you build in the “growth stage”…

Here they are:

1. How INFORMATION Works For You… Control Begins With Answering This Question: “What Do I Have?”

The main thing you MUST understand to guarantee that you and only you stay in control of your internet properties is INFORMATION. More specifically, the specific information you need.

Sadly, most business owners will never figure this out-- and end up sabotaging their chances of being in control of their properties without ever realizing what they did wrong.

Have you ever thought about what information really is? Most online business owners have NEVER considered the “power” of owning their information… and how it works for them.

Think about it for a minute… What is “information” anyway? And what does it have to do with control? Or your online business?

This motivated me to spend the last few years studying, researching, and observing internet businesses and their vulnerabilities to build a clear map of how information works and what is needed to secure information in both the short AND long term so that I could share my understanding and help others.

Simply knowing what this information is isn’t enough. What’s really important if you want to protect your online business and be in control of your own “Black Box” is knowing WHAT YOU HAVE.

If you want to protect your internet properties, you have to move beyond thinking “I Have a Website…” to looking at what you really have and how it’s connected to each part of your internet footprint from your domain names to your business information all the way to all the service companies you use within your internet business, and then you’re going to have to get comfortable asking a lot of questions and expecting a lot of resistance…

As noted earlier, there are three types of internet business owners. The first type does it all themself. TOTALLY, EVERYTHING.

The second type writes the checks and someone else does everything else, from beginning to end; the “someone else” could be an outside vendor or a staff person, and they usually manage the internet properties once they’re live.

The third type of internet business owner is somewhat of a hybrid-- the ones who do both. Because they have the knowledge and skills they do a lot of their own work, and they also use outside vendors to create or maintain portions of their internet properties.

But all three types of internet business owners have one thing in common.

Every internet business follows a process and serves a UNIQUE PURPOSE to each owner. “Expectations are great” and internet properties take on a life of their own as reflected by the many hands and minds involved.

But mostly it boils down to this:

Each part of an internet business is about income. Both DIRECT INCOME and INDIRECT INCOME. Both are important to consider, and the needs of one shouldn’t overshadow the needs of the other.

It’s easy to tally daily sales when selling products directly on your websites. Equally important are the websites which provide leads to a business every day. So even though they don’t provide a “direct income” on that day, they are an essential part of the long-term health and growth of a business.

This “internet thing” really happened fast… a lot of people got into the “game” without much thought of tomorrow or the future. For some it just kind of happened. But it’s real and here to STAY. And many are beginning to realize they’re in it for the full “run” and realizing that what may have begun as a hobby or a fun idea, or because they heard it was “easy” have in fact settled into a REAL, HONEST, INCOME PRODUCING INTERNET BUSINESS. Which have become valuable assets in their own right.

Granted, I don’t think you signed up for the RISK. But you got it, thrown in with all that “success” as part of the package deal! Remember that what you “don’t do” can hurt you.

Again, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to determine “What You Have” and when you get this concept down and know how to view the value of the information you have about each aspect of your internet properties… and how the value increases when you know how all the pieces fit together… and have all that information in a safe and secure spot-- you will be in control of your internet properties. That also means freedom-- and everything else will just fall into place…

2. How INFORMATION Works For You… Control Includes Answering This Question: “Where Is It?”

Have you ever been responsible for getting a group of people to an event… rushing to get ready… knowing you’re going to be late… grabbed your keys, piled in the car, and asked, “Where is this place?” but nobody knows the answer?

Your internet properties are no different. You know you have a domain name AND you know it’s a website, but you don’t know where it is. If you don’t know where it is, YOU CAN’T GET THERE. You can’t make changes, you can’t move it, you can’t affect it, you can’t sell it, and you could lose it.

This is key. It’s no different than driving through an exclusive neighborhood of beautiful homes, all prime real estate. You know you own a few of these million dollar homes, but you don’t know the address, so you don’t know which one you can walk into as the owner and sit down and be comfortable, invite a few friends to visit. You can’t claim it as the showpiece that it is.

This neighborhood is no different than the internet. Each home represents an internet property. You cruise around looking for ideas to make your “home” the best on the block-- noting differences, realizing values are higher on some because of its features.

And seeing how you can increase the value if you make a few improvements. The only problem is, you don’t know where to send the builders and remodeling crew to do the work.

It’s CRUCIAL that you know where your internet properties are so you can get to them… and realize that without one key aspect being live, others could disappear.

It’s also crucial that you are in control of this information and know how your digital assets are connected and depend on each other to stay “up” and performing on the profit side of the street. Otherwise, you are driving around your neighborhood at night without your headlights turned on.

3. How INFORMATION Works For You… Control Requires Answering This Question: “How to Access It?”

This ONE AREA OF MISDIRECTION is the source of so many easily avoided problems and challenges that bring smart, efficient and competent online business owners to their knees and wreaks havoc in their businesses, because it’s so easy to avoid.

It may come as no surprise to you that everything we do in our lives, both online and offline, often requires a user name and a password. Here’s a quick story along these lines that I’ve got to share with you…

Several months ago I was having dinner in a local favorite restaurant. I enjoy this because it often gives me the opportunity to meet up with and “connect” with friends and even fellow business owners in an easy and comfortable setting. And it’s easy in such a casual setting to ask questions and get a conversation going about how “business is,” and I often do little mini-surveys by how I frame my questions. It’s also a perfect setting to talk about their websites and offer suggestions and advice in a non-billable setting.

As you might expect, when I began talking about the concept of Website Succession and the need to have all key access information in one safe and secure spot I saw more than a few blank stares when I brought up this topic. It’s not often you have a chance to see how at first an idea doesn’t make any sense, and then to watch faces transform when the concept of being in control of their information in the right way sinks in and they “get it” in relationship to their online business. Well, they do, and here’s where I find it gets even more fascinating.

When I get to the end of my usually enthusiastic explanations, I sit back to enjoy one-on-one what-if scenarios from my friends. I often learn what’s on their mind and what their concerns are. I can also tell by their questions that what we’ve talked about made sense, and I also learn what methods they are currently using.

But then it usually comes out. And this from responsible, hard working professionals and business owners who say “well… my web guy does all that.” Or better still I hear “I use one of those online places to store all my passwords and I keep the rest of them on my computer.

Wow! This floors me. Not because I’m standing in judgment, which I’m not, but because of what it means about their vulnerability… and about other business owners with websites who do exactly the same thing…

At those moments, I can’t help but think about one client and how the lack of user names and password information brought her to her knees and nearly crippled her employer’s operation. And how others could actually not know how much risk they face without their information being “in hand.” And how information stored on their computers can’t do a thing if something were to happen to them, or if their computers crashed or were stolen. Their entire online business could collapse, and jeopardize the livelihood of their families.

Their vulnerability still messes with my brain. But here’s the point…

After thinking about it, I remembered the news reports about the Marine who was killed in a roadside bomb in Fallujah and the nightmare his father had to go through to gain access to his late son’s email account on Yahoo!…He had to obtain a court order to have access to it.… Think of the emotional trauma this grieving father had to endure, not to mention the expense of the legal proceedings.

And right then, as I thought about this, I had an AMAZING REALIZATION

All the research, thinking, writing and explaining that I’ve done in the past on how to build and manage websites and other internet properties seemed to fall short, because I hadn’t stressed enough to my clients the factor of “trust” when providing information on “How to Access It”.

The problems of access to every day accounts, even beyond their internet businesses, was even more extreme than I had thought (and I already thought the problems were pretty extreme).

Of course, I soon scrambled for my infamous pads of paper, and my laptop to write down what started pouring out of me. I began asking Dan, my attorney, even more questions, and went digging even deeper into research, websites, internet structures, studies, interviews, observations, and experiences from my life so that I could explain exactly what this meant and what was really at stake. That’s when a lot of my most recent articles on website succession and the website succession software for owners of online businesses and internet properties was created.

Lately, I like to ask people with an internet presence and online business “Have you ever taken the time to sit down and really and truly picture and imagine what your family would go through if something happened to you unexpectedly?” Of course, the answer is most always, “No.”

Take a moment and look at it from the perspective of the internet and an online business, and let’s look at how complicated something we’ve been using so casually really is.

Think about this…

You use your email account to register and create accounts at social media sites, do online banking, order items online, upload photos and videos, register domain names, establish web hosting, create blogs, receive funds from PayPal and other payment gateways. This means your email service provider has total CONTROL over a lot of what you have set up and do online.

And if something “happens” to you, and your family doesn’t know your user name and password, THEY CAN’T GET IT WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.

Do you see where I’m going with this? What if you have multiple email accounts with multiple user names AND passwords you used to buy domain names, set up website hosting, access PayPal accounts and other payment gateways, create bank accounts and blogs and for using social media sites? Trust me, I know this happens. I do it myself and it is a common practice with internet marketers.

“How to Access It” becomes more important when you realize that those who follow you don’t know how many email accounts you have and use… and what internet properties are associated with these email accounts. And without this information a loved one, or anyone connected to your business, can’t access bank accounts, or initiate payments for credit card accounts, domain names, hosting accounts, and other online services used within your online business, or gain access to assets they might otherwise not know exist.

Be slow to delete

Understanding the Be slow to delete mindset, and how much depends on where you store your access information, and (this is key) what kinds of “information” and who to trust with this information, is HIGHLY important. This can be a touchy subject. Trust. But how much more frustrating can it be without “access?”

Have you ever heard the expression “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission?” Think about that for a moment. Have a conversation with the person who will inherit your online business, digital assets and other intellectual properties. Advise them to be very slow to delete email accounts until they are absolutely certain they’ve been able to establish new email accounts in their name and have moved and changed the required email account information. Why? Because email service providers do not allow transferring of accounts in the event of a death.

Plus-- once you start to understand how all the key access points of your internet presence are so interconnected and how important it is for someone, besides you, to have this information, it won’t seem or feel like a hassle or a nuisance to compile this to you at all.

Here’s another thought to share with you that I read on the myBRC blog. myBRC is based in Australia and has a business owner audience. It’s edited by my friend Paul Hassing, the founder of The FiestyEmpire. This comment, from “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” makes it all pretty relative for doing this:

“I backed my stepdad into making a will by saying ‘You spend x amount insuring your car every year, but you won’t insure your wife and family?’

It worked, but now I’m executor, so maybe the joke will be on me.”

As long as we’re still talking about “risk management,” consider this, you need to trust another person to know where your information is kept. It’s that simple. If your computer requires a password to use it, make sure another person knows what the password is. If you use a web-based password manager, make sure another person knows the user name and password for this account.

Instead of letting the “potential” risk of not being in control of your online business information get to you, I’m going to teach you how to understand how all the pieces fit together so you can keep disasters from happening, and show you how to keep them working FOR YOU and keep them from fraying around the edges.

If there’s one thing that you’ll want to consider it is this, think and plan ahead… be kind to the person who will follow you… know that when they will need to deal with online service providers UNLESS THEY ARE ARMED WITH ACCESS INFORMATION to keep your online business functioning AND alive, it will be a hassle for them and next to impossible for them to gain access to the account information they will need.

MOST PEOPLE get squeamish when you bring up the topic of wills, estate plans, or living trusts. I know I did…

But I’m also stubborn and enjoy knowing I have a sense of control over my affairs and can make my own choices about what to do. I don’t want those decisions being made by a probate court, and even more pressing to me, I want my internet properties to keep the life I gave them. Which is why I began exploring the concept of succession to begin with.

Like you, I want to decide what happens with my internet presence. Its growth wasn’t an accident, it was deliberate and involved years of hard work to make it what it is today.

You’ve been a part of the greatest marketing revolution in our history. You’ve built an internet life and online presence, take control over what happens to it. That happens when you take the first step and gather all the key access information of what you have, and how to access it, in one safe and secure spot. Which I can show you how to do, and then entrust another person with directions of how to access this information.

Then take the second step and give this information to your attorney to attach to your will, estate plan, a living trust or as a part of a Website LLC. It’s liberating and empowering. Doing this will give you control, and freedom…

4. How INFORMATION Works For You… Control Requires Answering This Question: “Who Has Access?”

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”-- John Donne (1572-1631)

Although the meaning of Donne’s famous poem is about how human beings do not thrive when isolated from others, I often think of these opening lines when I think of projects which require more than one person.

When you realize you are connected to something larger than yourself, and how your online business is touched by many hands to create, build and maintain, you begin to realize that THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACCESS in one way or another to each aspect of your online business and you need to identify and clarify “Who Has Access,” just in case

Here’s a great question for you: Do you have a list of who has access to each aspect of your online business?

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s common to overlook this part of risk management. LOTS of business owners do this and don’t even know it.

But here’s the worst part---people and their alliances CHANGE.

When work begins to create your internet properties every one is “agreeable” or cooperative, in one manner or another, and as they’re setting things up, THEY HAVE ACCESS.

Let me paint a brief picture for you of the pattern and rhythm in these situations. You contract with a vendor to do the work for you. They establish accounts in their name and are listed as the contact on the account with the service provider. Then let’s say they become “disgruntled” for whatever reason. They can wreak havoc and control aspects of your internet properties.

Something similar happened in southern Michigan with the domain name for a local union hall. The domain name was registered to an individual. When she left she maintained control over the domain name because it was in her name and she refused to relinquish control. And to add insult to injury, she changed where the domain name "pointed" and by doing this the local union hall lost its online presence. It cost the union hall many hours and many dollars in legal fees to get the domain name back.

It’s unrealistic for most business owners to micro manage all the accounts required to build and maintain their internet properties. What is realistic, though, is exercising best practices and risk management in knowing who has access to your internet properties, because without knowing who has access, you can’t remove their access.

It’s important to clarify this isn’t a situation which requires finger pointing or blame. You’re probably like many business owners who contract to have this work done because this is something you aren’t comfortable doing, don’t know how to do… or you don’t employ a person with this area of specialized knowledge… and that’s another reason why this is important to you

An additional method of income for individuals or companies who build websites and internet properties is through affiliate income. Which is, in essence, they sign up with a company providing domain names or web hosting or another similar service and they agree to resell these services to their customers… and that’s you.

The accounts are established in their names or under the banner of their affiliate account.

When you begin asking your web person for account information, you will encounter resistance. Why? Because they’ve established your accounts under their master accounts to receive a recurring monthly commission on the fees you pay.

Or they resell you space or services that they pay one price for and charge you a higher price, and the difference being, of course, their profit.

The resistance you will encounter is with them giving you full access privileges or access information to your accounts which have been established under their master accounts. How you ask vendors for information is in and of itself almost an art form to get the answers you need because of how they’ve established your accounts.

Regardless of how they might try to tap dance around supplying this information, you must insist on having this information. It’s as simple as that. Vendors might feel a little “ouchy” which is normal, and resist your attempts and ask, “Why do you need this information?” until you explain you’re happy with their services… no changes are planned… and you’re attempting to account for all facets of your business assets. Become relentless. It’s your information, you pay for the service, you’re entitled to this information-- it’s yours.

Let’s use one domain name as an example. Typically, you establish an account with a domain registrar and buy a domain name for about $10. The account is in your name, you create the user name and password and the account is associated with your email address. All renewal notices for $10 are sent to your email account. You are what is referred to as a “self-managed” account.

When an outside vendor provides this service, you are a “managed” account. They manage the domain name for you, pay the fees and send an invoice for the annual domain name renewal fee to the contact name they have on file.

This is where it is CRUCIAL to know who has access to the account. Look at how many places the ball could be dropped and how many opportunities there are to lose this internet property. What if the staff person responsible for mailing the check changes? Or even worse, what happens if this person gets in a “snit” and overlooks printing and sending the check?

It’s rare that you will encounter a problem with these vendors because they are reputable businesses. But some companies may hold your properties hostage while they attempt to hold them for ransom and sell you something as a condition for them to relinquish control. This happened recently to a prominent internet marketer with 50 domain names that disappeared between the auction house and the registrar. This could have been avoided.

Time races by and employees and vendors come and go. Be sure to review and update information about “Who Has Access” to your internet properties.

Imagine my own surprise, while auditing my domain names, to discover that my most valuable domain name still had as the Technical Contact, who had full access to this domain name, the company that registered the domain name for me… way back in 1995!

And KNOWING THIS IS ESPECIALLY USEFUL in the event something should happen to you…

Let me explain…

It makes sense from an operational perspective on a day-to-day basis to know who has access to your internet properties. But seriously, if you recognize anything about the situations outlined above, then you know from experience that the more information you have, the more you know you are in control of the situation and your business. Again, what if something happens to you? Or you become incapacitated in some way?

Unfortunately, here’s where most most online business owners drop the ball about THINKING AHEAD.

Do you remember the analogy economists used describing what was going to be the "single largest transference of wealth in history" for "Baby Boomers," and that great illustration of a SNAKE swallowing a PIG? Well, that SNAKE swallowing the PIG is going to happen again with internet businesses… when people begin inheriting millions of websites, digital assets, intellectual properties and other internet properties.

There’s a right way to go about managing the information, and lots of wrong ways that will get you nowhere. It’s time to think about how easy it could be for someone to "show up tomorrow" for work and be able to keep the online business you created alive and functioning and producing the income you planned all along for your family.

It’s VITAL that you avoid common “information shortfalls” and leave those who follow you prepared with the information they need. And can trust because it’s what you compiled for them… who has access… who has knowledge of the product… and trusted resources they can rely on to call for help…

The Secret Power Of
Information and Being in Control

In the last few years I’ve come to realize that many online business owners are beginning to feel uneasy knowing they are more or less at the mercy of their "web person" which has led to confusion and to somewhat of a "hands-off" attitude, not knowing what information they need to have available… and how that intrinsically leads to their long term vulnerability.

They’re wise to realize this. The truth is that some online business owners are a bit “naive” about the scope of the information involved in making sure their internet properties remain functioning, and viable and how it happens.
At the same time they realize they can’t be expected to know how to do this themselves, nor in most instances do they want to know how to do this.
They just want the results.

When I realized this, it was a huge “Aha!” for me and I was determined to figure out specific things online business owners could do to make gathering and having this CRUCIAL risk management information easy, hassle-free… and appear to be from a position of INFORMED KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE, REGARDLESS of resistance they might encounter.

And now… after several years of combined research and conversations with business owners, internet marketers, online business owners, clients, attorneys, corporate executives, professionals of all sorts, association and not-for-profit directors, board members, and everything else in between… I’m pleased to say I’ve FINALLY figured it out.

I want to share my discoveries with YOU.

If you’re ready to take control of the CRUCIAL types of information you need to keep your websites and internet properties safe and secure, I have some very exciting news for you. I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new software program designed to give you the framework you need in an easy-to-use, no-training-required, fill-in-the-blanks SAFE and SECURE format to have and “keep”… for every CRUCIAL piece of information you need for your websites, digital assets, intellectual property, in essence for all your internet properties…

My new software program is called, “Website Succession Planning Software”. I know it’s not a very original product name, but I wanted you to know immediately the specific and laser-focused purpose of this new software program-- and how it can work for you.

I created this software program over the span of many months. The "launch it and use it immediately" menu-driven simplicity and the click-of-one-button management reporting in this program is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

I’m going to take you behind the scenes and explain and show you how PROFOUNDLY easy and simple it will be for you, or a staff person, to secure information… and be able to sit down and begin entering that information that it’s taken me years to research, discover and formulate. And put it all into a program that you can keep in a safe place… and most importantly, USE to update your information and generate a summary of what you spend and make from your internet properties. And all of this is from the specific detailed information about your internet properties.

You’re going to learn how the pieces fit together.

We’re going to focus on what you do first AND how “easy” the software is to use and update and how easy it is to access your reports, from the very start. You’ve gotten a few clues from the articles and newsletters. Now I’ll give you the complete map.

It’s been over 15 years since I created my first website, and in that time I’ve developed and also learned what I think are some of the best concepts, ideas and actual “strategies” available anywhere to help an online business owner learn and understand the world of the internet in relationship to their internet properties.

One of the reasons I created this program was because I wanted to give you insights and be honest about the things an online business owner DOESN’T know… but DOES think about in terms of vulnerability and risk management.

We’re going to spend some critical time together learning how you can go from one part of your business to the next to capture and retrieve complete information whether you ever use it or not… but just “having” this information will keep you prepared for any emergency that might come up so you’ll know who to contact for help…

You’re going to learn at least 20 different key elements and functioning areas of your internet properties-- how logical and simple it is to enter this information and move from one important area to another from one central easy to understand main menu, as well as what information you need to capture and why.

I’m also going to show you how to get and use your information with 21 built in custom reports so you will always have thorough and “comprehensive management reports”. So you will always know specifically what you have, where it is, how to access it and who has access to it all with the simple click of a button.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Here are a few more of the exciting things you’ll gain from using this software:
  • A proven, step-by-step software program designed just for online business owners of internet properties to keep you in CHARGE of your “internet busisinesses” and in CONTROL of your important information with a simple fill-in-the-blanks format which requires no training or learning new software.

  • Have you ever tried to get information from your web person or staff member in charge of your websites, and it seems like they’ve resisted you… or HAVEN’T give you complete information? With this software, you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your online business, and how to collect the information, understand its importance, and never be at their mercy, and be able to remove that level of risk and threat to your internet properties for good…

  • The single most powerful way to really “impress” board members, partners, spouses, your attorney, your accountant-- whoever needs information from you about how your internet properties are performing-- is with the comprehensive and built in reports, and most specifically, the Overview of Income and Expenses Report.

  • If organization is important to you, and you’re tired of digging through “piles of little slips of paper” or flipping through endless pages in notebooks looking for a password, you’ll be able to orgainize your information in one easy-to-access, safe and secure software program always available to you.

  • Avoid training a staff person or buying another piece of expensive software and fumbling with multiple spreadsheets and databases, trying to create the perfect “system” and abandoning the project altogether because you don’t have time and the idea of doing it overwhelms you.

  • Be in charge of the area of your business where you are not an expert. It’s CRUCIAL you learn how to take back control of the "Black Box" from the people who are controlling that information so you stop feeling vulnerable.

  • Quiet the “gnawing feeling” you get about what would happen if your websites went down and how much you depend more and more on your internet presence because it has become an important part of your income and new business in the door.

  • DOWNSIZE STAFF or REPLACE your "web person" when you have the information about how your websites work, and be confident when you hand that information over to the next person.

  • Decrease the risk of SABOTAGE by a disgruntled web person or staff member with control of your information by staying ahead of the risk. You will be able to "head them off at the pass" and minimize or stop their “damage” cold.

  • Even if the most secure data storage websites are hacked (think WikiLeaks and the U.S. Government), all your user names, passwords and other information is safe and secure from internet hackers because it is NOT a web- or cloud-based program.

  • If your own computer crashes (ask any friend who’s ever lived through the nightmare of a fried hard disk), your information is safe and out of that harm’s way because your password-protected Website Succession Planning Software "lives" on a flashdrive, NOT on your computer.

  • Have control over the physical location of your information and keep it locked up in the safe and secure spot you choose.

  • The Website Succession Planning Software will be priceless-- to your family… and their livelihood should something happen to you, if they do not have a working knowledge of the process flow of your online businesses, because everything they need to take control or use to direct the management of the business is inside.

  • Keep track of every new user name and password when you create them and enter them along with the correct “internet property” or social media site to have real-time and current information.

  • Give your family PEACE OF MIND… knowing you’ve completed the first step in the process of creating a Website Succession Plan made easier because you OWN the information controlling your internet properties.

  • You’ll be able to leave specific access instructions with another trusted advisor of the secure location of all the key access points required to keep your websites, digital assets and intellectual property-- in essence "your internet properties" alive so your family can continue living the lifestyle you "created" for them, in case something happens to you.

  • Once you see how easy the software is to use, and how thorough the information is, you’ll CRAVE THE PEACE OF MIND of knowing every person connected to your internet properties who you DEPEND on for their services has a succession plan in place, so you are reassured that their services won’t go down if something happens to THEM and drop the ball on their end and leave you high and dry!

  • There are no limits to "how many" entries you can add. Available disk space is your only limitation. Enter one or enter thousands of items!

  • The best place to begin is with you, the Owner! And continue entering all the important information including your business information and contact information for those who are connected to your online business. Even though it was not intended to be used as a "contact management program," it is an INVALUABLE resource for someone to easily know only about those people who are connected in some way to your internet properties and online business.

  • Move easily through “menu driven” data entry screens… an easy structure to follow… the next required piece of information follows in a sequence so you don’t have to guess… one click of a button moves you to the next data entry screen to record more information.

  • Because of the one to many design you are not limited to just one owner. If you’re a web designer or provide web services this is the ideal solution for keeping all internet property information for all clients in one spot. Spend time billing for work rather than hunting down user names and passwords. Be able to answer client questions quickly and move about clients’ internet properties when you have all their user names and passwords and other required information in one spot.

  • Confidently give the flash drive to your web person or staff member and simply say… "Fill in all the blanks. Enter everything that pertains to my online businesses. Everything."

  • Take a completely filled in flash drive, or a printout of the information, and hand it to your attorney and say, "Please attach this information to my “will“ (or estate plan or trust or Web LLC).

  • With complete information about your internet properties you have the necessary foundation and the information gathering step completed for creating a Website Limited Liability Company… and can use this information to develop the all important Website Operating Agreement to keep you in control of making all the decisions about the future of your internet properties.

  • See at a glance all domain names you own and the CRUCIAL renewal dates and WHICH domain registrar holds your registration and the credit card number you have on file with this registrar and all associated fees. Never lose another domain name because the credit card on file with the registrar has exprired…

  • Move domain names between domain registrars and EASILY change the registration information attached to each domain name you own… so every piece of information about your internet real estate is current and up to date…

  • Web hosting address information lets you know where your internet properties LIVE… and the type of hosting account, single or reseller, for each piece of your internet real estate so you will know what company or reseller is responsible for keeping your websites and blogs "up and live" and who to contact if they go "down" for whaterver reason… even if your web person is unavailable or busy.

  • Easily track and update monthly and annual hosting account fees, hosting account numbers, email accounts associated with each hosting account and credit cards used to pay for hosting services… and be sure credit cards are active and the email account is still used… and have all fees reflected in the Overview of Income and Expenses Report

  • When you know "how to get there" you can keep the "content roadway" open for adding content to your websites and blogs by attaching all FTP and HTTP addresses and procedures to each domain you have live and functioning… necessary to keep your content fresh, new and current.

  • A complete listing of email service providers AND each email account you have with that provider makes your policy of "Be Slow to Delete" easy to follow because you won’t run the risk of "forgetting" about an email account you have set up and are using with your internet properties… plus it’s VITAL to have the email account user name and password available to be in control of your affairs in the event something happens to you

  • Be a hero with your board of directors… if you account to one… by being able to say… "We have secured all operational information for our internet properties to keep them up and functioning in the event something should happen to our web person and with this information we will be able to hand this information to another person to ensure that we stay up and live."

  • You don’t have to do a single bit of customizing to this software program to get it to work for you because all you have to do is launch it and begin entering your information from the very first screen. Yes, it’s that simple to use.

  • Have information about the software you buy and use within your business at your fingertips. Have complete listings of these programs including serial numbers, cost, versions and vendor contact information… which is helpful for someone who doesn’t know what you have and its purpose within your online business.

  • Eliminate scrambling for passwords to your computers, laptops and other digital devices in case something happens to you. Having this information available for a loved one is essential to avoid "Access Denied"… and not able to access your laptop or computer in case they need to initiate online payments or keep other assets current.

  • There are NO hidden monthly service charges to access your information because this is NOT a web-based product… when you buy the software you pay one price and own it for life… add as much information as you need… and there are no recurring fees attached…

  • All you need to remember is one user name and one password to access every piece of your information required… be in control of your internet properties… enjoy freedom when you trust one other person with the location of your information and how to access it.… it all comes down to simply "1 user name and 1 password"

  • Having the "Sub Domains and Blogs" button on the main menu will prompt you to enter the distinct URL, user name and passwords required to access website sub-domains and blogs… each have separate access points to use and add content. A section of the program was created to record access information for website sub-domains and blogs… an area which is commonly overlooked

  • "Other Sites" and "Web 2.0" properties including SOCIAL MEDIA sites… Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube to name a few… are free to use but still require user names, passwords and an email account to register and USE… it’ll save you a lot of time when you can see at a glance the types of free sites you use and the site’s access information.

  • Quickly confirm all web addresses you’ve entered… all website fields are "hot linked" so if you are using the Website Succession Planning Software while online, one keyboard shortcut key and a click of the mouse will take you to the website.

  • Keep current DOMAIN NAME APPRAISALS recorded as your domains increase in “value.” Record the appraisal date, source and appraised amount to serve as a benchmark in the event someone should offer to buy one of your valuable domain names and try to lowball the price for it…

  • Know where your affiliate income is generated… and how to access it… know who owes you money… your family will benefit if you leave an electronic trail of every important piece of information that makes it possible to access your accounts and follow the amounts due you… or your family… in the event something happens to you

  • When you arm your family with the affiliate program name, account number, type of program, the "access URL," the user name, password, and the email account associated with an affiliate program your family can follow up with these companies. MOST IMPORTANT is recording the payment method used - whether by check or with an automatic deposit - and the BANK WHERE FUNDS ARE DEPOSITED and the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER… so they can make sure funds are being deposited

  • Easily maintain an inventory of products you own and sell… and add or edit product information including costs or price changes… click a button and add product access privileges including who has specialized product knowledge and add helpful detailed notes about each person authorized to access each product.

  • Protect your products, digital assets and intellectual properties even further… and keep this information secure… of the location of the original work, the date it first appeared, where it first appeared, and a complete product description and any relevant notes… you might need for copyright or trademark filings.

  • Keep track of "Other Sites" where you sell products, have content or actively engage in conversations… including the type of site, user name, password and the email associated with the site… and notes about the site and why it’s useful to your internet properties

  • You’ll want to have current information on hand about all Joint Venture Partner Companies and each Contact you have for that Joint Venture Partner Company… because they are CRUCIAL to sales and income… and the Website Succession Planning Software makes it easy for you to do this.

  • Equally important to knowing WHO your Joint Venture Partners are is WHAT products of yours they sell… and HOW they are paid… whether they are paid directly by you… and the credit card used for payment…or through an Outside Service Company you use…

  • You will want to keep all Outside Services Companies Used within your online businesses current and up to date because each service is very important… they are like the walls which hold up your home… each doing an important job… and take one away and the structure gets weaker… but it doesn’t fall down… but each are required to keep your property whole and strong.

  • Keeping a close eye on Outside Services Used is easy… and the money you spend is reflected on the Overview of Income and Expenses Report so you can see at a glance if what you are spending is in line with your budget and with what your plans included.

  • See at a glance WHICH services companies you use, the TYPE of services you pay for, how to ACCESS your account, what your MONTHLY FEE is and what the fee is BASED ON, and HOW you pay for the service… so you can be sure the services stay current… and to be sure you aren’t paying for services you no longer use… and with all company contact information including emails and phone numbers on hand… you will know how to contact any outside service company you use.

  • Use the only software program on the market which has been designed specifically for your website and internet properties by a person who has been creating websites and online businesses for over 15 years… so you can be totally in charge of 4 identified KEY AREAS that control your online business and internet properties… WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE IT IS, HOW TO ACCESS IT, and WHO HAS ACCESS… so you can keep your websites, digital assets and intellectual properties as SAFE and SECURE as possible.

  • Access 15 COMPREHENSIVE custom MANAGEMENT reports… with the click of a button… that are RICH in DETAIL and SUMMARIZE … every aspect of your internet properties including the Overview of Income and Expenses Report so you can see what you’re spending… and what you’re making.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

The Website Succession Software Program

You will have IMMEDIATE access to the downloadable version of the software program. The data entry can begin today!

The Website Succession Planning Software program is compatible for Windows and Mac. Just choose which version you need when you place your order.

  • 21 Menu-Driven Information Areas - Each Focused on the Key Access Information You Need

  • Trust me, with the information from these 21 areas you’ll always be in control of your online business:
    • You’ll have total CONTROL over your websites, digital assets, and intellectual properties… you stay in charge of making decisions about your online business.

    • This information gives you the LEVERAGE with staff members and outside vendors to head them off at the pass… you’ll never be held over their barrel again because of personality whims and "snits"…

    • ASSURE Board of Directors a Website RISK MANAGEMENT policy is in place… in case a key web vendor goes out of business or simply disappears.

    • The INCOME your family depends on to maintain their LIFESTYLE from the online businesses you CREATED will continue… should something happen to you.

    • This is the information you need to attach to your will, estate plan, trust or to create an Operating Agreement for a Website LLC… to preserve your online business and internet properties for your children, grandchildren and future generations and be in control of what happens to your "digital legacy"…

  • 15 Comprehensive Information-Packed Management Reports - Generated with One Click of a Button…

  • Simple Data Entry Screens to Secure Your Key Access Information (over 50+)

  • You're going to discover 4 important things using the Website Succession Planning Software Program:
    1. You'll have all the key access points for your websites, digital assets, and internet properties that will diminish the risk your online business could face if the person, or company, providing your web services should leave or go out of business.

    2. You'll have a complete and integrated picture of your internet property and will have provided a path for someone, should something happen you, of what you have, where it is, how to access it, and who has access to it. By trusting one other person with the location and access information to this software you have moved your internet property out of harm's way by choosing to be in control of what happens to it.

    3. You'll have a flexible and permanent method to keep your key information safe and secure. Your family will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that some things are better kept offline, primarily, the user names, passwords and key access points controlling your digital assets.

    4. You'll have the benefit of having access to the only software program designed specifically for gathering and compiling the confidential and sensitive access information for websites, digital assets and internet properties.

    How Much is All of This Worth?

    Well… you've seen how this software is worth the value of your online business…

    We're not going to ask you to invest that today.

    In fact it won't even cost you $297.

    Not even $197.

    Because I want you to benefit from this software program, I’ve decided to offer an introductory price for a limited time, and reduce the normal price of $97 so you’ll only have to invest $47 (this price will go up soon).

    That’s it.

    For less than the cost of a website, you’ll own…

    …the most comprehensive system ever developed to keep your websites and digital assets out of harm’s way.

    Our Promise & Guarantee to You

    Because protecting your online business is that important… and something you need to begin doing now, I want to remove all the risk for you, and assure you that when you order your program it comes with my “I’ll take all the risk” 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked FULL Money-Back Guarantee…

    Our guarantee is rock solid.

    If you are not completely satisfied… if you don’t immediately see how the Website Succession Software can keep your key access information safe and secure to protect your websites, digital assets and internet properties which gives you control over your online business… and is simple and easy to use… then simply send us an email and we’ll cheerfully refund every penny you’ve invested.

    No questions asked. No hassle. No squabbling.

    But I’m willing to bet that once you have “The Website Succession Software” in your hands, you’ll never look back. It’s that powerful and easy for you to be in control.

    Take Action Today and Give It a Try…

    Here’s what I encourage you to do:
    • Order the Website Succession Software right now…

    • Receive your User name and Password as soon as your order is processed (almost instantly)…

    • Log on to the password-protected program…
    • Explore the software and begin entering your data And TAKE YOUR TIME.
    And, like I said, if… within 60 days… you’re still not convinced that the Website Succession Software Program is the fastest and safest way to keep your key access information secure in one offline location…

    …just let me know and I’ll promptly refund your entire investment in this program. No problem. No quibbles. No questions asked.

    Get Started Right Now - Today!

    I want you to experience peace of mind… of knowing your information is safe and secure and that you are in control of your online business… regardless of who does the work to keep them up and running…

    And now it's up to you to make it happen.

    Don't let another day go by. Make the decision right now to give yourself the gift of knowing you have eliminated the risk - and have the information and a plan in place should something happen to you… or your web person.

    You can make this a reality. Click on the order button below for either the Windows or Mac version of the software to take the first step:

    Cheryl C. Cigan
    Suttons Bay, Michigan

    P.S. I was hesitant to tell you about this earlier, but I think it will help you even more.

    So, if you order today, here’s what I’m going to give you…

    I've put together a custom PDF package from the data entry screens so it’ll be easier to gather information from other people. This way it’ll be a lot simpler for you to hand a sheet of paper to someone and say, "Fill in all the blanks and get this back to me as quickly as possible."

    Sadly, some online business owners will never get how important this is. I don’t want you to be one of them. This program will make it possible, because of the access information it contains, to keep the income flowing that your family depends on should something happen to you, and will eliminate your being at the mercy of your web person-- plus you get the added benefit of having-- with the click of a button-- an overview of your online business to know what you’re spending, and what you’re making. I personally guarantee it.

    Read What Others Have to Say…

    We use the Website Succession Software for our overall process of risk management in the firm to have all facets of our online business assets accounted for that can be identified and followed up on in the event there is some common disaster.

    We were able to use it to compile a report on all of our internet properties and as part of that roster/report we included all cost information so going forward we have one easy access point for all the information.

    I highly recommend this software to our clients with websites and other digital assets for this same purpose.”

    Dan A. Penning, Esq.
    Wright Penning & Beamer

    We’ve been using the Website Succession Software for the Chamber’s website and internet information. It’s logical and the main menu makes it simple to navigate different sections. It’s easy to find information and the overview reports are also a good management tool to have available too.

    A very useful software program for any Chamber of Commerce or similar organization.”

    Sally Guzowski
    Executive Director
    Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

    Hearty congrats on Website Succession Planning Software.

    While I was wondering about it, you DID it!

    I think you’re going to go very far with this indeed.”

    Paul Hassing
    Senior Writer

    This is perfect! I love how easy it is to use. I have been worrying lately about all of the different properties, user names, logins etc. that I have and how to get all that info in one place in some sort of logical manner. You’ve got everything covered right here! This’d be great for web designers too. Can I use it in my own business?”

    Micki Wingate
    Eclectic Academy

    Brilliant! Great idea, great product. I do risk management, your program’s perfect for that.”

    Jim Munro
    Imagine Benefits

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