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Website owners who do everything

When you are vulnerable

Take control of the black box

Four things you must know

What do you have?

Protect your digital assets

Where are your digital assets?

How to access your digital assets

Be slow to delete - problems with accessing accounts

Trust one other person - take control over what happens

Who has access?

The secret power of information and being in control

    “Looking at What You Really Have”

If you want to protect your internet properties, you have to move beyond thinking “I Have a Website…” to looking at what you really have and how it’s connected to each part of your internet footprint from your domain names to your business information all the way to all the service companies you use within your internet business, and then you’re going to have to get comfortable asking a lot of questions and expecting a lot of resistance…

All internet business owners have one thing in common.

Every internet business follows a process and serves a UNIQUE PURPOSE to each owner. “Expectations are great” and internet properties take on a life of their own as reflected by the many hands and minds involved.

But mostly it boils down to this:

Each part of an internet business is about income. Both DIRECT INCOME and INDIRECT INCOME. Both are important to consider, and the needs of one shouldn’t overshadow the needs of the other.

It’s easy to tally daily sales when selling products directly on your websites. Equally important are the websites which provide leads to your business every day. So even though these leads don’t provide a “direct income” on that day, they are an essential part of the long-term health and growth of your business.

This “internet thing” really happened fast… didn’t it? A lot of people got into the “game” without much thought of tomorrow or the future. For some it just kind of happened. But it’s real and here to STAY. And many, like you, are beginning to realize they’re in it for the full “run” and realizing that what may have begun as a hobby or a fun idea, or because they heard it was “easy” have in fact settled into a REAL, HONEST, INCOME PRODUCING INTERNET BUSINESS. Which have become valuable assets in their own right.

Granted, I don’t think you signed up for the RISK. But you got it, thrown in with all that “success” as part of the package deal! Remember that what you “don’t do” can hurt you.

Again, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to determine “What You Have” and when you get this concept down and know how to view the value of the information you have about each aspect of your internet properties… and how the value increases when you know how all the pieces fit together… and have all that information in a safe and secure spot-- you will be in control of your internet properties. That also means freedom-- and everything else will just fall into place…

2. How INFORMATION Works For You… Control Includes Answering This Question: “Where Is It?”

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If someone has to step into your shoes they’ll need this information:
  • You - the owner
    (Software also accommodates many owners)

  • Business information
    Include physical locations and required Tax Id numbers

  • Contacts
    Contact information for companies and individuals connected to your business.

  • Bank Accounts
    Banks you do business with, types of accounts with each bank, account information, how to access, and who has access to your bank accounts.

  • Email Accounts
    Email service providers and email accounts including user names and passwords. Emails connected to all your digital assets. Advise to be slow to delete email accounts.

  • Software Owned
    Software used to run your online business. Including versions, serial numbers, price, vendor and vendor contact information.

  • Computers and Other Devices
    Often overlooked are the passwords required to access your laptops and desktop computers. List the equipment you own, serial numbers and the access password required for entry and use.

  • Domain Names
    All domain names you own, registration costs and renewal / expiration dates. Have all domain names owned within one roster, regardless or registrar.

  • Domain Registrars
    Where a domain name is registered, the account information, user names and passwords, and how to access your account and who has access to this information. Ongoing costs associated with domain name, credit card used, email account associated with account.

  • Hosting
    Where your websites and blogs live. List direct hosting accounts and reseller hosting packages. Credit card used for payments and the email account associated with the hosting service. Access URL, user names, passwords and who has access.

  • FTP / HTTP
    How you access the back end of your websites and blogs to upload new content or change existing content. Includes server name, path, user names passwords and who has access to this information and authorized to do this work if not you.

  • Sub Domains and Blogs
    Each requires unique user names, passwords and access information.

  • Other Sites / Web 2.0
    For all the free service sites where you have content. Include all social media sites and other sites which require an email account associated with this service, user name and passwords in addition to how to access these sites, who is authorized to access these sites and also a note section for the purpose of each site. If you use an online password site, this is where to list it. If you use Facebook or Twitter, or any other service which allows multiple accounts within their program, this is where you list them.

  • Products
    The products you own and sell online. Include the type of product, cost and selling information, location of original work, date first appeared and product descriptions and notes.

  • Affiliate Program Income
    List the companies where you earn affiliate income. Including the account name, email account associated with their program, user name, passwords, estimated annual income, payment method and the bank account information which receives automatic deposits and who has access.

  • Joint Venture Partners
    Your Joint Venture Partners and contacts within each company.

  • Joint Venture Sales
    Joint Venture Partners who sell your products, how theyt’re paid for sales, and any service companies used for sales tracking and payment management services.

  • Service Companies Used
    Service companies used within your online business. Account information, access URLs, user names, passwords, emails associated with these services and the fees you pay to use these services.

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